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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have recieved another Award by Khushboo, I am honored ,two in the same day!
Check her blog out at http;//
Thank you so much! Wont be writing things about me since I just did in the last award,but here are some more creative crafters I am sharing this award with!

Zuneta   http;//
Miss Vintage   http;//
Anastasia  http;//
Green Earth   http;//
Cluj-napoca   http;//
Karthika sen   http;//
 Thank you again to all my folloers and those who stop in and check out my blog, it's greatly appreciated.
Happy crafting!
PS check out the other blogs I have on mine they are all so creative!.


  1. Congrats paula on getting this award two times, just goes to show how popular u have become.:)

  2. Accept my congratulations!!!