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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Jewelry boxes

Been trying out new flower petals and colors, love adding pearl beads I think it adds a nice touch.These are wooden trinket or jewelry boxes that I painted most of them, theyv'e been a nice seller!.

These boxes are of cardboard that I got from my Daughter, she saves everything, she learned it from me,lol
I decided to decorate them with quilling, nice way to recycle!.
I quilled these boxes , and made 20 paper beaded necklaces with Scrapbooking paper and magazines in one week, there both good sellers here. But boy did I get finger cramps from making the beads,lol, I'm ready to do another framed picture, just dont know what it's going to be yet,lol
Well hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!!!

Farmers Market

Heres where I spend My Thursdays. Not very many vendors, because the heat has really been bad, it's been in the 90's, with heat index it's been 114 degrees. My hubby took pictures when I wasn't paying attention,lol
it's supposed to be hot this weekend to,and I'll be going to 3 farmers Market's, whew.
I did get a call from a lady that runs an Art show in small town near us, she had seen my work here on my blog and loves my work and wanted to know if I'd be interested in show ing my work at the Art show, I was so excited and said yes. There wont be any judges as this is there first time, but say that next year there will be, and my art will be up for sale. It's so nice that it's reconized as Art and not craft, Sept. 4th is the day!.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tweety Bird

Here's my favorite Cartoon character, Tweety busy painting a flower
Been busy setting up at Farmers Markets at 3 different towns, on 3 different days, thats including our town. Will be setting up for Party in the park in July and then hopefully art show in September. It's been good except the 95 degree weather, it was 106 with index yesturday wow it was rough,well got to get making projects for next weekend. happy 4th of July!!!!!