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Monday, December 31, 2018

as 2018 is ending

As 2018 is ending, we look back at all the memories with family and friends, good and bad issues, it's been a rough road for I as, I was diagnosed with breast Cancer, went through a few surgeries and treatments, but as of last month it was confirmed I'm Cancer free, now it's just a long road to stay that way and to continue recovering , but I am blessed, but any way that is why my posts have been few and far a part, hopefully 2019 I will be back to my old self, well older self. I hope and pray for all the friends I have made on here through out the years will have a blessed 2019. Here are just a few items I have made.

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  1. Wish you and your family a blessed Happy new year Paula .

    all are lovely .those elephant couple are cute and Gorgeous