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Monday, October 2, 2017

Sea Turtle

Sorry for all the post in one day, but didn't realize I hadn't kept up as much as I thought, but here is a Sea Turtle, I loved it once it was done, I tried using different Technics this time, thought about keeping this one, but I'd love to see it go to a nice home.

Fox key chains

I have been having fun with making Resin Jewelry , well not at first as it seemed everything went wrong that could go wrong, and had to make more of them cause a few didn't come out right, I almost gave up, but didn't, I went over in my mind what I did the first time and relize I may have done a few things wrong so I read and I read, well I can say they are coming out much better, lol. here I had made 20 actually 28 Foxes, and I think they look pretty sharp, what do you think ?
if you click on pic. it will enlarge so you can see them better, have a great week.  

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