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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I recieved this Award from Angelin, please check out her blog
http;// Thankyou so much Angelin!.
Now 7 things about me
1. Happily married for 23 yrs.
2.I enjoy all sorts of crafts.
3. Am hooked on Quilling.
4. Enjoy making things for others.
5. Spending time with family. to check out other crafting blogs, very inspirational.
7. Have a great Husband that supports me in my crafts, and even helps somtimes,lol.
     I'd like to thank all my followers and those who leave lovely comments, it's a great inspiration!.
I am sharing this Award with the following creative crafters.

Jocelyneliza   http;//
Malaysia      http;//
Martinaquill  http;//
Philippa   http;//
Rachelle  http;//
 Happy crafting to all!

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