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Friday, January 5, 2018


I'm debating if I should continue with my Blog or not, as it seems, not to many people are checking it out and not commenting, maybe my blog is boring or just not interested in what I share, I would love to here what you think, thanks.
Here is a project I'm working on for my Hubby, I have been so busy making for others, that I have been putting this on the back burner, he's been wanting me to quill a ship for him, and now that it is quiet, I'm finally able to make it for him, check back to see more as I work on it and the final  product. Have a great week and stay warm and safe.


  1. Stunning art ..i would like to see the finished project ..i am no more in fb and started to post in my blog .my request is please keep updating here .Angelin

    1. thank you and I will keep up dating, it can be hard at times, because it's been kinda hectic, but yes I will, thank you for stopping by miss all my Blogger friends.

  2. This pic for him is going to be amazing.
    Re blog - if you enjoy, keep on doing it. I enjoy mine and it gives me something to do and I am afew design teams too. xx