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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sugar Skull

Heres is another Skull its almost like the last one but did some changes and worked more on the shading and shapes of the leaves and roses


  1. WOWZA! This so intricate! What do you use for glue?

  2. Paula, I absolutely love your collection of quilled skulls! My favorites have to be this and the previous one, the white-blue-purple combination of colors is so nice!

  3. Incredible! The detail is stunning!

  4. I have missed so much lately Paula and just having a little catch up, contact hospital visits do take your time and I could think of far better things to be doing !

    These skulls are great, I am always amazed just what you create with your quilling.

    B x

  5. Wow, this is gorgeous Paula! I love the changes you incorporated, it is beautifully done. Your roses are the perfect addition, and your shading is great!
    Hugs, Antonella

  6. Happy scull! This is very unique and beautiful collection ! Love the colour combo!