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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kittens with Quilled flowers

There's a craze going on with a new flower called Beehive, the creator is Susan Quillings card, thought I'd make a go of it, mine are a little different and the petal shapes are thinner, but I think they work, here they are
Instead of my usual quilled pictures, this time I came across a picture of the cutest kittens and wanted to use it, and desided on the flowers to go with it, I also used striped scrapbooking paper to go around the kittens, I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think?


  1. your flowers have come out so well, the frame looks beautiful.. i like the pic of those kittens cute:)

  2. Sure...pretty one...Lovely flowers bordering it!!!!

  3. So sweet cats and flowers are adorable!!!

  4. i love kittens they are soo cute in this picture.
    and those flowers are very nice .

  5. Oh it is so gorgeous Paula. The flowers match the kittens so well and the colors are awesome.So sorry I was not able to say Thank You to all the loving comments you left to encourage me-I have been having terrible internet connection which is still not sorted out.
    Happy Holidays and festivities

  6. Very cute!!
    Nati from Brazil

  7. So sweet, Paula! I have never paper quilled. Well, I guess the magazine page coiling is similar, but I have never used the quilling strips. I may need to try this!!

    Printable Decor
    Saved By Love Creations

  8. It is a lovely project and your beehive flowers are awesome. Nice papers and kittens are adorable, Paula.

    Thanks so much for visiting Going Green and leaving me such sweet words,

  9. This is really good Paula, I love it. I haven't tried the Beehive technique but I will soon.