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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have seen others use CD's to quill on, so I gave it a try and made these with Calendars, My Hubby sprayed painted them for me, and printed the calendars from Shabby Boutique blog, and there held on with clothespins. hope everyone likes these !!!
click on picture to see them better!!
Hope everyone is haveing a gret weekend !!!!!


  1. Totally cute! My husband also gives me ideas, most of my work is his brain behind it.

  2. Paula
    These are adorable.
    Husbands are a fountain of information aren't they? Mine critiques my work for me and he often has great suggestions.

  3. Paula... these look amazing.. SO nice to hear your husband helps you out too

  4. Paula!!! I agree with Myrna!!! Those calendars are adorable!!!! I envy you... my husband do nothing at all !
    Have a marvellous weekend!!
    Lot of hugs

  5. Fabulous Idea Paula !!!! they are gorgeous

  6. A cute idea, and they turned out beautifully. Linda E.

  7. Hi Paula..
    This is great.. So cute and nice.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog post too..
    You are a great blogger friend.. I hope you will create more great and wonderful quillings all the time.

  8. Paula, what a fantastic idea. So cute!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  9. Such a beautiful and useful idea! Love the final result!

    I would love to have you visit my blog Thrilling Quilling


  10. Very good idea Paula, they look great!

  11. These look so amazing Paula :) ... I love theses altered CD's idea it looks so beautiful !

  12. Great use of those CDs! These look amazing Paula!

  13. Great idea Paula, they are so nice.

  14. LOVE THEM, Paula! There is no end to the creativity... thank goodness. Linda Happy Spring.

  15. lovely work Paula..Its beautiful..

  16. Hope you're doing well, Paula! The idea is brilliant! It's a cute and nifty calendar! Is it possible to drill a hole through the top and string it with a ribbon? It can be wall decor too!

  17. Wow..lovely creation. Like the idea of using CD's.


  18. very cute!!!


  19. So beautiful. How lucky your husband could help.

  20. Wow wonderful use of CDs. I love that little bee!! huggable despite the Sting!!

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  31. This is Beautiful Paula..I love it how you have used the cd's to mke something creative! Next time I hv any cd that needs to be discarded, I will think of you and your beautiful creation!
    God Bless! xoxo

  32. Good idea for recycling all the cds I have ;) Looks great!!!

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  35. Great ideas using the CD. something different!

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  39. Aw!!! Those creations are awesome, dear!! Make use of the unused CD in just brilliant. And your quiling designed is just gorgeous.

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  41. These look great, so useful too. xxx

  42. I've been thinking about using CDs for quilling too. Haven't had the inspiration for an awesome design. I'm thinking a garden, mandala or a beautiful heart. Come to think about it, I might just do them all. I'll share when done.
    Thanks for the creativity boost.